Online Display Advertising overtakes search as fastest-growing online ad format in Europe

A survey by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that online TV inventory and long-form video consumption has been a key driver to the boost in overall digital spend, with video adspend almost doubling in most markets. In the UK alone, growth in online video spend is up by 90%.


We have long talked about the Internet being a ‘world’ rather than a channel. The benefits are that it’s great for both Direct Response (DR) Advertising and more Above-The-Line (ATL) style advertising.

Advertisers were quick to invest in the benefits of Search - it’s ability to target people are just the right stage in the decision-making process making it a great DR channel. Now they are finally putting in the money into advertising that drives brand metrics, such as online video. 

I’m sure it won’t be long until the usual “this is the death of TV advertising” articles come back, however the clever advertisers are making sure they have good cross-channel strategies – integrating traditional advertising with digital. 

(original article on Brand Republic)