10th Anniversary of the end of Friends

10th Anniversary of the end of Friends

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since the end of Friends?! simplyhealth invited a few Leeds bloggers to watch the first four episodes ever of Friends at the Everyman Cinema. This was part of their healthy smiles campaign – they’ve been looking into the psychology of laughter…and which better sitcom to make you laugh than Friends?! It was a nice chance to reminisce about the fab sitcom and…

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Le Chalet - French Tea & Cakes in the middle of Leeds

Le Chalet – French Tea & Cakes in the middle of Leeds

Becca (@eatlittlespoon) and I checked out Le Chalet in Leeds City Centre the other day. Le Chalet is a French Tea Room in the most most unlikely of locations – in the financial district of the Leeds.

The owner had a chat with us (with the most wonderful French accent, obviously) and explained that she really wanted to create a place where people came to eat together – good food with no additives…

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Architect Hair’s new hair chalk service (Headingley, Leeds)

Architect Hair’s new hair chalk service (Headingley, Leeds)

I visited Architect Hair in Headingley (Leeds) to check out their new hair chalk service a few weeks ago. I’d wanted to try hair chalk for a while, but was always put off by the potential mess I could make in my bathroom! I’m not the tidiest of people and I just know I’d turn my lovely bathroom a bright shade of pink if I tried it myself.

With this in mind, I thought Architect Hair’s idea of…

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Where does time go?!

Where does time go?!

I haven’t been blogging a lot lately….life has been very busy with lots of work and lots of play. All good excuses for not blogging….living life…..but I’ve been missing nattering on and I’ve missed the lovely community of bloggers that Leeds has. So, here I am back to nattering and I’m looking forward to seeing a few of the fab Leeds bloggers at an event tomorrow night.

What’s been keeping me…

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Battle of the Nations: Leeds is the ideal place for a weekend break

Battle of the Nations: Leeds is the ideal place for a weekend break

I consider myself a Leeds girl. I’ve been a Leeds girl for the past eleven years when I moved here, falling in love with the city that is big enough to offer lots of choice and opportunities…..but is compact enough not to make me feel like an ant.

The Hotel Reservation Service challenged me to tell you all why I think Leeds is the best place to spend the weekend – why it’s waaaaay better than all…

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Win a good night’s sleep with Time4Sleep

Win a good night’s sleep with Time4Sleep

Sleep, that cruel mistress. It’s great when you’re getting lots of sleep…you feel on top of the world! When sleep eludes you…well, it’s just a…nightmare! (sorry)

I’m a girl who needs her sleep. If I don’t get it I’m cranky, I can’t concentrate at work, my memory fails me and I’m hungrier. My tips to ensure I get a good night’s sleep are usually to make sure my bedroom is as dark as possible (I’ve…

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Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales: Ingleton Falls

Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales: Ingleton Falls

I’ve been trying to be more active recently….walking, running, that sorta thing. My husband takes a bit of coaxing into walking (he views it as a means to getting somewhere…not as a pleasure) and so I booked a weekend away in the Yorkshire Dales where we were get some good walking in….but the reward for him was he got to see some waterfalls (he loves them).

Ingleton Falls in the Yorkshire Dales

We stayed a few nights at a B&B called

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Azendi Jewellers Silver Bracelet

Azendi Jewellers Silver Bracelet

I’ve always been fond of Azendi Jewellers. I work in Headingley (Leeds) which is where Azendi started and they have always been my go-to place for gifts. They have a fabulous range of unique and chic jewellery for those who love something a bit different. Azendi have very wearable jewellery…they don’t go really over the top…but they’re not boring. They have a big range of pieces to suit various…

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Lisa Tucci Shoes

You might not have heard of Lisa Tucci shoes. If you haven’t…you should check this range of shoes and heels out! They produce gorgeous, unique footwear and I was lucky enough to be sent my favourite pair from the range. One of the reasons why I love the range so much is that they are different to the usual…have a good look at the actual the heels of the shoes, how cool are they?!

I wore them for…

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My Future Throwback Dress from New Look

Everyone has that dress…you know, the one they can always rely on to make them look and feel good. A ‘throwback dress’. Mine is my black and white butterfly print dress by Louche. I love the cut of it and it’s great to wear on a variety of occasions….from a summer day to dressing it up a little more in the evening.

Louche Butterfly Dress

New Look asked me what my throwback dress is and challenged me to find my future…

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